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Healthy Morning - «Velle» Food for Mood

Oat Kissel

• Oat-based

• Cooked without added preservatives

 Healthy Morning Oat Kissel Plum
Healthy Morning Oat Kissel Plum
Healthy Morning Oat Kissel Cranberries
Healthy Morning Oat Kissel Cranberries
Delicate Oat "yogurt"

• Delicate and light texture

• Contains probiotics

Spoonable "yogurt" Strawberry
Spoonable "yogurt" Blueberries
Овсяный питьевой Velle
Овсяный коктейль Velle
Овсяный перекус Velle
Овсяный завтрак Velle
Овсянка Velle
Velle Мюсли
Velle смусс
Питьевой Coco Velle
Густой Coco Velle
Овсяный Кисель Полезное утро
Овсяный Кисель Полезное утро

Why Healthy Morning?
Healthy Morning is a delicate oatmeal product that contains
probiotics and oatmeal air bran. Oat bran in the diet improves metabolism, digestion, suppresses hunger and,
consequently, leads to weight loss. The bifido and lactobacteria in our product optimize the intestinal microflora
and improve digestion.
We managed to keep all the benefits of oat bran and make them incredibly airy and tender!