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Velle Spoonable - «Velle» Food for Mood

Oat Spoonable Velle

• 100% natural • contains probiotics
• contains oat bran • perfectly satisfies hunger

Овсяный питьевой Velle
Овсяный коктейль Velle
Овсяный перекус Velle
Овсяный завтрак Velle
Овсянка Velle
Velle Мюсли
Velle смусс
Питьевой Coco Velle
Густой Coco Velle
Овсяный Кисель Полезное утро
Овсяный Кисель Полезное утро

Why Velle Oats?

Velle is a delicate fruit oatmeal with probiotics. Only natural ingredients in Velle! Velle products are low-calorie, but very nutritious, due to the high content of soluble dietary fiber of natural cereals.

Velle oat products are made by fermenting cereals (adding lactobacilli and ripening for 8 hours) - this is the main difference between our products and homemade oatmeal.

Oat products Velle will help you to easily stick to a dairy-free diet, because there is no milk in their composition.

The unique production technology and recipe make Velle like no yogurt or porridge. Oat Velle is a modern product and the perfect combination of taste and benefit.