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Velle company - «Velle» Food for Mood


Since 2005, Velle has been producing plant based products on an oatmeal basis. For many years Velle has been the No. 1 brand on the market for alternative dairy products. We produce natural plant yogurts using a unique technology.

In the product line Velle spoonable and drinkable products based on oatmeal and bran with different fruits, drinking coconut yogurts without milk and spoonable coconut yogurts with pieces of Nata de Coco, 100% fruit juicy smoothies, cereal bars, tender and berry oat kissel.

The process of production of natural products is not simple and requires careful monitoring and compliance with all hygiene standards. The laboratory Velle is equipped with the latest equipment and allows you to strictly monitor the quality of products. The industrial complex is located in St. Petersburg.